Literacy Development for Gifted Students

Students whose learning profile aligns with established criteria for Gifted and Talented instruction experience learning in a variety of models, intended to extend learning and provide differentiation targeted at enhancing students’ knowledge base and building critical thinking skills. Within the district literacy plan most gifted students will fall into the category of proficient readers; hence, there is no differentiation in the description of strategies in the literacy plan. Parallel to other proficient readers, gifted students should be taught on their ability level versus their age or grade level.

  • Exposing students to challenging reading material
  • Deepening reading comprehension skills
  • Expanding students’ metacognitive processes during reading
  • Developing critical reading skills, including interpretation and analysis of text
  • Fostering an appreciation of diverse, multicultural literature across multiple genre
  • Providing opportunities for group discussion of selected texts
  • Encouraging creative reading behaviors, including writing and dramatic interpretation
  • Promoting motivation and enjoyment of reading through choice and self-selection of texts

Curriculum and instruction is designed to meet the needs of gifted students by modifying the depth, complexity, and pacing described in the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) while incorporating the Program Goals from the Florida Gifted Framework. The Framework establishes learning goals for all K-12 gifted learners which can be applied across the curriculum.

Avenues to meet the needs of gifted readers are: classroom reading acceleration and individual enrichment. Reading acceleration involves placing students on their instructional level in reading without regard to grade placement. Enrichment involves delving deeper into reading material at or above the students’ grade level. Instructional practices and strategies for gifted take into account the individual characteristics of the student, capitalize on the gifts they possess and expand and challenge their abilities.