Dual Language Instruction

Extensive reading in both languages builds robust vocabulary and the background knowledge needed for deep comprehension. (Bridges, L. 2014)

Broward County Public Schools’ dual language program offers a “school-within-school” approach to second language acquisition education. The goal of the program is to prepare students for the future by providing them with the opportunity to become fully bilingual. Preparation includes students’ development of skills in English and the target language in learning, listening, speaking, reading and writing, as well as develop an appreciation for different cultures. The Dual Language program provides children with the opportunity to learn two languages, while maintaining high academic standards. It is an educational approach in which students learn two languages in an instructional setting that integrates subject-content, presented in English and another language.

Academic subjects are taught to all students through both English and the target language. Teacher qualifications and training are essential components and directly affect student achievement. They must possess:

  1. An understanding of second language acquisition and bilingual education theories;
  2. Knowledge of culture and subject matter;
  3. Mastery of a variety of instructional strategies to make content comprehensible;
  4. Native or native-like ability in the language(s) in which they teach in order to provide cognitively stimulating instruction and to promote high levels of bilingual proficiency in students.