Professional Learning for Teachers Grades 3 - 5:
Core Courses of Study

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Formative Data to Inform Instruction

This professional learning course will focus on a variety of formative classroom assessments used to measure the performance in reading, writing, listening, speaking, and thinking. Using authentic student data, facilitated practice will be provided in building effective techniques for analyzing both quantitative and qualitative formative assessment data. The resulting data analyses will be applied to planning appropriate teaching and learning experiences that target the personalized, differentiated needs of students.


Small Group Guided Reading

This professional learning course will prepare classroom teachers to use formative assessment data for designing and implementing small group guided reading lessons to a targeted group of students. Reading lesson plans will reflect an understanding of strategic differentiated instruction based on students’ zone of proximal development. Quantitative and qualitative characteristics and the reader and task will be used to support selection of appropriately leveled complex text.


Balanced Literacy Workshop

This professional learning course addresses the components of balanced literacy (Modeled Reading/Writing, Shared Reading/Writing, Guided Reading/Writing, and Independent Reading/Writing) and how they can be combined into a flexible, integrated, and comprehensive approach to literacy instruction. Participants learn the basics of each component, the Optimal Learning Model (Gradual Release of Responsibility), devise a schedule to implement these components, and plan for instructional lessons.

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Writing Workshop

This professional learning course will prepare teachers to design and implement writing lessons that meet the individual needs of all students. Instructional lessons will be developed that reflect an understanding of the writing process. The writer’s workshop will provide the framework for delivering targeted instruction that supports the production of written expressions across all text types and multiple genres that will be evaluated through a variety of scoring rubrics.


Interdisciplinary Units of Study

This professional learning course provides participants the opportunity to develop curriculum frameworks for grouping conceptual topics of instruction. Participants will learn to incorporate differentiated instruction, to include universal design for learning, multi-tiered systems of support, and interdisciplinary resources. Conceptual frameworks will include performance tasks aligned to grade level standards, including close analytical reading of appropriate grade level complex text using multi-media resources. Scaffolded instruction will be incorporated to include opportunities for reteaching, remediating, and enrichment of standards.

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Benchmark Assessment System (BAS)

This professional learning course will target classroom teachers and literacy coaches, providing comprehensive training on administration and data analysis of the Benchmark Assessment System (BAS) to support differentiated instructional decision-making. The BAS, authored by Fountas and Pinnell, is a compatible running record assessment that provides formative data for monitoring the reading progress of students. Emphasis will be placed on the analysis of quantitative and qualitative data to plan differentiated reading instruction that meets the targeted needs of students.

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