Continuum Of Increased Instructional Intensity Through A Multi-Tiered System Of Supports (MTSS)

Students who need instructional intervention beyond what is provided universally for positive behavior or academic content areas are provided with targeted, supplemental interventions delivered individually or in small groups at increasing levels of intensity.

Broward County Public Schools focuses on the differentiated needs of every student, in every classroom, in every school. Literacy development is the foundation of all learning; and, our goal is to successfully implement and sustain a multi-tiered system of student supports to ensure College and Career Readiness for all students. Fidelity and implementation must focus on accelerating and maximizing student academic achievement through the application of data based problem solving and effective leadership at all levels. The implementation of a multi-tiered system of supports is integrated, aligned, and provides a sustainable system of service. This section provides guidance to ensure common language and understanding of Broward’s multi-tiered system of student supports and data-driven collaborative problem solving, and target the literacy development needs of students, at all instructional levels.


*Represents approximate percentages that are typical of classrooms, schools, or districts where students are receiving and succeeding with Tier 1 core, universal instruction.