Sources for Fluid Classroom Collections: Resource Room

Schools are encouraged to secure additional resources to expand upon the size and content of their classroom library collections. Additional resources should serve to balance the variety of texts included in the classroom library. Text is selected based upon varied reading levels, genres, and content focus to provide adequate inventory that will appropriately match the differentiated needs of all students.

These materials should be well organized and centrally located for ease of teacher access. Teachers select text for instructional, independent, and stretch levels of their class for individual, small group, and whole group learning engagements.

Students who read, thrive and succeed; students who don’t read, fall behind. A classroom comprising of an extensive range of high quality literature, both fiction and nonfiction—coupled with reader text match, data-driven guided reading instruction, and a leveled book room—are a school’s best opportunity to meet the challenges of the English Language Arts/Literacy Florida Standards aim to achieve the following:

  • Implement data-driven reading instruction.
  • Build stronger reading and analytical skills around complex text.
  • Integrate literacy across content-area curriculum.
  • Build knowledge through content-rich informational text.