Formula for Literacy Success = 7 + 4 + ii + iii

7-Essential Literacy Components

4-Formative and Summative Assessments

ii – Initial Instruction - Tier 1 State Board Rule 6A-6.053: Comprehensive Research-Based Reading Plan

iii – Immediate targeted and Intensive Intervention Tiers 2 and 3 State Board Rule 6A-6.054: Student Reading Intervention Requirements

Oral Language

Screening (formative/summative)

Core Curriculum provided to ALL Learners

Intervention provided to Striving Learners

Phonemic Awareness

Progress Monitoring (formative)

Comprehensive Core Literacy Program

Supplemental/Comprehensive Intervention


Diagnostic (formative)

Daily (Minimal 90-minute Literacy Block for elementary students)

Daily, (Beyond the 90-minute Literacy Block for elementary students)


Outcome (summative)

Uninterrupted Block (elementary only)

Extended Time



Whole and Small Group Delivery

Smaller Group Size Delivery



Scaffolded Support/Guidance

Greater Scaffolded Support/Guidance



Progress Monitor Instruction

Progress Monitor Targeted and intensive Intervention


Less Intensity of Instructional Delivery

Greater Intensity of Instructional Delivery

Differentiated and Scaffolded Support

Target specific needs of students

Flexible Grouping

Explicit and Systematic Instruction

Motivating, Engaging, and Relevant

Interdisciplinary Literacy

Strategically Build Background Knowledge

Reading/Writing Connection

Print-Rich Environment

Data-Driven Instructional Planning

Universal Designs for Learning Principles

Cultural & Linguistic Responsive

Independent/Peer Collaborative Practice

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